Inaugural UNT Innovator Awards

UNT leaders honored four Innovator Award winners last week with a reception in Hurley Administration Building. From left, Bob Brown, vice president for finance and administration; Peter Palacios, geographic information systems manager for UNT facilities; Guido Verbeck, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry; President Neal Smatresk; Tom McCoy, vice president for the Office of Research and Innovation, and Christopher Kennedy, senior biology major. Not pictured is Derek Nelson, doctoral biology student.

Inaugural UNT Innovator Awards

UNT's Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) has launched a new award. Last week, ORI recognized four innovators with the inaugural Innovator Award. "We believe strongly that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere — and that it takes special people to bring innovation to light," says Tom McCoy, UNT's vice president for the Office of Research and Innovation.

The actual award (shown below) was created and sculpted in the College of Visual Arts and Design's FabLab. In addition to the award, each winner received a cash prize or scholarship. Read about UNT's Innovators below.

Partner Spotlight
One-of-a-kind sculptures One-of-a-kind Awards: Sculptures ‘Engineered' by Artists

Artists in UNT's College of Visual Arts and Design created the four Innovator Awards in UNT's Digital Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab). Each sculpture is hand-turned from burled maple wood; the engraved base is made of polished Corian®. The collaboration on the creation of these unique, artistic awards, demonstrates UNT's focus on innovation.

Research Spotlight
Guido Verbeck
Expanding uses for mass spec tools

Associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry Guido Verbeck is working on numerous market-centric technologies. A key development is his work to condense the size of mass spectrometry equipment and customize it to numerous industry applications.

Derek Nelson
Measuring environmental impact

Derek Nelson, who just completed his third semester as a biology doctoral student, performs open-heart surgery on fish in the Gulf of Mexico. His work measures the health of aquatic life, while monitoring crude oil impacts.

Christopher Kennedy
Discovering more oil

Senior biology major Christopher Kennedy has worked to reproduce a naturally occurring mutant gene in cotton that produces more oil. The oil has a variety of potential industrial uses.

Peter Palacios
STAFF WINNER: Peter Palacios
Developing sophisticated mapping capabilities

ORI is also pleased to recognize innovation from UNT staff. Peter Palacios, a geographic information systems (GIS) manager for UNT Facilities, has led the development of software to map facilities and utilities.

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