Data transfer technology

New data transfer technology

Researchers are developing a way to transfer data through previously impenetrable objects. Dr. Haifeng Zhang, an associate professor of mechanical engineering technology, teamed with researchers from around the country to develop a technology that will allow the monitoring of nuclear spent fuel canisters — work that could also improve data transmission through the hulls of ships and submarines.

Partner Spotlight
Improvements to military body and vehicle armor New protection for military personnel

Improvements to body and vehicle armor are being made by researchers in UNT's Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes Institute (AMMPI); UNT is working closely with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) to protect U.S. soldiers.

Research Spotlight
Dr. Richard Dixon
Discovery: Health benefits from plants

Ways to make food and beverages provide more health benefits and reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's disease are being discovered by a UNT plant biology research team, led by Dr. Richard Dixon, world-renowned plant scientist and a Distinguished Research Professor.

Preventative medicine
Discovery: Preventative medicine

Preventative medicine is at the forefront of biotech discovery. UNT research by Dr. Amie Lund, assistant professor of biological sciences, is demonstrating connections between air pollution and health problems like heart disease and stroke. With a more detailed understanding of the correlations, Lund says, both clinicians and pharmaceutical companies can develop better preventative medicine.

Nuclear waste disposal
Discovery: Nuclear waste disposal

Safe disposal of nuclear waste is critical to the future. Dr. Jincheng Du, an associate professor of materials science and engineering, is part of a research team working to understand the degradation mechanisms of nuclear waste glasses and to improve their long-term stability.

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