Stars at the Star

UNT's Research Stars

Some of the brightest researchers at the University of North Texas shared their research at UNT Stars at the Star, a showcase event last week in Frisco. Business and government leaders mingled with faculty researchers to get an up-close view to learn about some of the creative and innovative research happening at UNT. Read more about how these stars are helping to make new discoveries and create solutions to address some of society's biggest challenges and improve our world.

Partner Spotlight
Cyber Forensics Lab at UNTCyber Lab in Frisco

From researching new cyber forensics technologies to educating law enforcement and government agencies on best practices, the new Cyber Forensics Lab at the UNT New College in Frisco is helping to combat the growing threats of cybersecurity. Learn how the lab provides fee-for-service forensic analysis of cell phones and digital equipment for law enforcement and government agencies.

Research News
Guido Verbeck
Guido Verbeck

Discover how a car is the latest tool in crime fighting through its ability to detect chemical compounds, including biohazards, drugs and explosives. Learn more about the research of Guido Verbeck, associate professor of chemistry.

David Stout
David Stout

See how technology changes sensory experiences in this demonstration, which shows the convergence of music and art in virtual reality. Learn more about the research of David Stout, professor of composition studies and studio Art and coordinator of UNT's Initiative for Advanced Research and Technology and the Arts (iARTA).

Brian Sauser
Brian Sauser

UNT's Jim McNatt Institute for Logistics Research and the Complex Logistics Systems Laboratory are finding the answers to today's and tomorrow's complex logistic problems through multidisciplinary collaboration. Read more about the research of Brian Sauser, associate professor of marketing and logistics and director of UNT's Jim McNatt Institute for Logistics Research.

Stock photo: emergency response
Ram Dantu

UNT's Network Security Lab is internationally known for securing next generation 9-1-1 services and conducting research on wireless security, Voice/Video over IP security, Internet of Things (IoT) security and Homeland security. Learn more about the research of Ram Dantu, professor of computer science and engineering.

Shengli Fu: wi-fi and communication infrastructure
Shengli Fu

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma destroyed not only houses and highways but also the communication infrastructure, which is critical in keeping victims and first responders connected. Learn about drone-carried WiFi networks that provide on-demand broadband communication infrastructure for emergency response. Read more about the research of Shengli Fu, professor and chair of electrical engineering.

Stock photo: grocery shopping
Linda Mihalick

eCommerce and digital retailing have permeated every facet of our lives, from apparel and grocery shopping, to decorating our homes and booking travel experiences. Explore why consumers are purchasing groceries online. Learn more about the research of Linda Mihalick, lecturer of merchandising, hospitality and tourism and senior director of UNT's Global Digital Retailing Research Center.

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