Economic impacts and disaster response

Faculty researchers at the University of North Texas have been busy since Hurricane Harvey, shedding light on the storm's-related issues for the media and offering help to communities. Michael Carroll, professor and director of UNT's Economics Research Group, weighs in on the economic costs of Harvey for the New York Daily News. Gary Webb, professor and chair of emergency management and disaster science, compares the current response to the Katrina response for The New York Times. Brian Sauser, director of UNT's Jim McNatt Institute for Logistics Research, shared perspectives on the damage in Houston and beyond, noting that two of the nation's largest ports are in Texas in a Fort Worth Business Press front page feature. (FEMA News Photo)

Partner Spotlight
Anupama KaulPACCAR Technology Institute

Funded by a $1.5 million gift by the PACCAR Foundation, the institute at UNT's Discovery Park is a unique, non-traditional center for research and educational excellence that works on a variety of research topics related to cutting-edge engineering research problems that span multiple disciplines. PACCAR brings together academic researchers and industry experts from engineering, as well as the physical and social sciences. The PACCAR Technology Institute welcomes esteemed researcher Anupama Kaul as its new director. Kaul's research is focused on exploring the electronic, optical and mechanical properties of nanomaterials and nanostructures and to find low-cost, scalable ways to manufacture them for important end-use applications.

Research News
College of Engineering assistant professor Diana Berman
Understanding friction and wear of 2-D materials

Congrats to UNT's College of Engineering assistant professor Diana Berman for earning the prestigious 2017 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award. She plans to use the funding from the award to further understand the friction and wear of 2-D materials used in nano- and micro-electronics. The award is aimed at enhancing the research and professional growth of young faculty.

Shengli Fu, associate professor and chair of electrical engineering
Using drones to enhance research

Shengli Fu, associate professor and chair of electrical engineering, earned $250,000 to continue his drone research and development. The three-year grant will allow Fu to create an open platform drone for testing by researchers in computer and information science and engineering. Fu will provide testers with information on assembly, calibration and flight instructions and build central processing units for the drones that allow for researchers to completely customize their usage through applications they develop.

Stock photo: clock
Shedding light on military personnel insomnia

For military personnel, internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy appears to be an effective alternative to meeting regularly with a therapist, though it is about half as effective as traditional methods, according to results of a study conducted by Daniel Taylor, psychology professor and director of UNT's Sleep Health Research Laboratory.

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