Nanomanipulator at the UNT Guido Verbeck Lab

Collaboration drives innovation at UNT

Recruiting ― and keeping ― top researchers in their fields. Pushing boundaries. Incentivizing research collaborations. These strategic moves have made a difference in UNT's efforts to grow its research enterprise in recent years. As a top-tier research university ranked by the Carnegie Classification, UNT's research and scholarship is market-driven and solutions-focused. Learn more in the 2017 Research Annual Report.

Partner Spotlight
Michael RondelliUNT partners with Denton, Frisco initiatives to inspire startups

UNT is looking to spread its entrepreneurial spirit throughout Denton and Collin counties. UNT recently partnered with Denton's Stoke, a co-working space and entrepreneurial hub, to offer extended-learning entrepreneurship programs for community members. And in Frisco ― home to UNT's New College at Frisco and the Collin Higher Education Center ― UNT is working with the Frisco Mayor's Office and other key stakeholders through Inspire Frisco to build an innovation engine for the entire North Texas region. Michael Rondelli, UNT's associate vice president of innovation and commercialization, is spearheading these efforts for UNT.

Research News
UNT's 2017 Research Annual Report
Promoting Innovation

UNT's Innovation and Commercialization unit continues to grow its impact across the UNT campus. "It's imperative that we help students discover and faculty innovate through their interdisciplinary settings and work," Rondelli says. "To be stewards of the public's trust, universities must find new ways to ensure that new ideas, new solutions ― music therapy to materials technology ― find a way to market so that communities and people who live in these dynamic communities thrive. Universities like UNT are working to do just that." Check out UNT's 2017 Research Annual Report.

UNT researcher Dr. Diana Berman in her lab at Discovery Park on the UNT campus
Spreading knowledge

UNT has 1,600 talented faculty members, many of whom are experts in their fields and have earned honors such as Fulbrights, Guggenheim fellowships, National Medal of Arts honors, and Grammy, Emmy and Pulitzer nominations. With members in the National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Inventors, UNT faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise as they help develop the next generation of thinkers, doers, problem solvers and innovators.

TUNT Materials Research Facilities at Discovery Park
Pushing boundaries

UNT's 900-acre campus features research facilities, maker spaces and laboratories of all types, where faculty and student researchers push the boundaries of science, technology and creativity. Home to 342 research labs and non-classroom creative spaces, UNT labs also are partnering with industry experts to investigate, beta test and produce solutions and real-world applications. Most recently, UNT's Materials Research Facility (previously the Center for Advanced Research and Technology) ― a resource for UNT, other universities and industries that offers one of the most advanced combinations in the nation of high-tech instruments for materials and device analysis ― is opening its doors to more and more external research.

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