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Tough times call for tenacious people. Thankfully, the Mean Green Family is full of folks with tender hearts and steely backbones who are always prepared to tackle even the most trying circumstances -- which you'll see on full display in our Summer issue. Students, staff, faculty and alums have used their skillsets to help battle COVID-19 and the collateral damage it wreaks. They've started organizations like Persevere Until Success Happens that provide safety nets for our campus' most vulnerable populations. They've committed themselves to diversity and inclusion through roles in student government and research that brings local disappeared communities to light. And they've persevered through an unprecedented pandemic -- and plenty of other challenges -- to earn their degrees.

We know there's still plenty of uncertainty out there, but one thing remains steadfast: Our commitment to providing the best experience possible. Find out more about how UNT is preparing for summer and fall, as well as how we're moving forward and living our values as a diverse, inclusive community.

Summer 2020 Issue
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Where Education Never Stops


Where Education Never Stops

It's been a tough few months -- but if the past 130 years have taught us anything, it's how to band together to ensure our students receive a world-class education. Check out UNT's new national ad that showcases how, even in the worst of times, our Mean Green Family is always at its best and moving forward.

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Cover story

Thriving Through Adversity

Some have ventured out into a world overwhelmed by uncertainty, others have extended a helping hand virtually. Whatever the means, the Mean Green community has found ways to aid those most affected by COVID-19 and its insidious side effects -- unemployment, hunger, isolation, loneliness. From doctors and nurses to teachers and entrepreneurs, the UNT family is using its unshakable tenacity and caring hearts to make the world better, together.

Featured in This Issue
Micah Crittenden

Research feature

The Past as a Present

As they researched a local disappeared freedmen's community near Pilot Point known as St. John's as part of a history seminar led by UNT professors Todd Moye and Andrew Torget, a team of UNT students uncovered more than they ever dreamed about the history of Denton County -- including a historic one-room African American schoolhouse, once part of the disappeared freedmen's community known as Oakdale, in need of preservation.

Jackie Davis

Program Feature

Pushing Against the Odds

Eight years ago, UNT faculty and students teamed up to form Persevere Until Success Happens, or PUSH, an organization devoted to supporting one of the university's most vulnerable populations: foster care alumni. "It's important for people to see both sides of the story," says Jackie Davis ('15), one of the group's founders. "Not just the pain we've endured, but also the courage and resilience that allowed us to overcome it."

Given Kachepa

Alumni Spotlight

Keeping the Faith

As a preteen, Given Kachepa ('09) found himself adrift in Texas as a survivor of labor trafficking by the Whitesboro-based group TTT: Partners in Education. At first, all hope seemed lost. But then fate in the form of a fellow UNT alum stepped in -- and ultimately helped shape the course of his life.

Jennifer Washam

Spring Commencement

Great Grads

This spring's crop of graduates is a particularly impressive group, always keeping their eye on the prize even as they endured a variety of hardships. "There's nothing wrong with being selfish," says Jennifer Washam ('20) who after 16 years away from school returned to earn her degree, "when it means you're taking initiative to do something that matters to you."

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How have you been staying productive during the COVID-19 pandemic? We'd like to know what new hobbies and interests you've acquired or your efforts of service to others in coping and adjusting during these past months. Email, write or tweet us @northtexan: How are you staying productive?
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