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Our cover story this issue is aptly titled "We Haven't Been Normal in Years" -- a nod to the uniquely creative collection of people and places found in UNT and Denton, as well as a celebration that our campus community always been been extraordinary.

Founded as the Texas Normal College and Teacher Training Institute in 1890, the university has expanded its reputation on a global level. Home to more than 42,000 students, we are proud to be a Minority- and Hispanic-Serving Institution -- and one of only 146 public universities in the nation to reach Tier One research status. But it's our people who make us what we are. From alumni like Opal Lee ('63 M.Ed.) -- whose unwavering tenacity led to Juneteenth being named a federal holiday -- to students like Tiblets Abreha, a refugee who eventually found her path at UNT, we are inspired each and every day by the caring and resilience of our Mean Green Family.

Whatever one-of-a-kind journey you're currently on, we're happy that you're taking the time to connect with UNT. Have a story of your own that you'd like to share? Email us at

Spring 2022 Issue
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Cover Story

We Haven't Been Normal in Years

From local festivals to innovative businesses to arts and entertainment, Denton -- named one of the nation's best college towns -- has long been awash in quirky charm, thanks in large part to UNT alumni who have been quick to put down roots. "If you're doing something off the beaten path, we will accept you," says Joey Liechty, a UNT alum who this year hosted Dentonpalooza, a love letter to the city's wild and wacky sightings (listen to our podcast about Dentonpalooza here).


Research Feature

Protecting the Environment

In their commitment to ensuring a healthy, sustainable future for everyone, UNT researchers are creating solutions to combat climate change, biodiversity concerns and air pollution.

Program Feature

Head of the CLASS

Alumni from UNT's College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences use their degrees to carve unique paths to success -- and change the world for the better. And they have plenty of advice for those looking to follow in their footsteps.

Alumni Spotlight

Miles to Go

Texan of the Year and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Opal Lee ('63 M.Ed.) is the embodiment of tenacity, a woman whose tireless activism led to Juneteenth being designated a federal holiday. And, she says, there are still plenty of issues left for her to tackle.


Inspired Delight

The Texas Fashion Collection,s newest exhibition on display in UNT's CVAD Gallery invites visitors to relish in exquisite details that turn seemingly traditional pieces into breathtaking works of wearable art.


A Taste of UNT

As Mean Greens celebrates its 10th anniversary, we take a look at all the delicious options served up across UNT, from sweet treats like Scrappy's Ice Cream to savory faves like Eagle Landing's Wood Grill burger to vegan goodies like the award-winning tomato mushroom curry.

More Online Features

UNT From Every Angle
Check out what's happening on the UNT campus -- from diversity and sustainability to research and resources -- on Amazon's streaming series The College Tour. The 29-minute episode, featuring UNT faculty, staff and students, can be viewed on UNT's admission site and YouTube channel, as well as on Amazon Prime, The College Tour website and IMDb TV.
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